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To: The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)

$15 One Fair Minimum Wage for MSP Workers

$15 One Fair Minimum Wage for MSP Workers

The workers at the airport need a raise! They deserve $15 One Fair Minimum Wage!

Why is this important?

The workers at MSP, the cleaners, cashiers, servers, cart drivers and more, that make the airport function every day make as little as $10.65. Glen Brown, a wheelchair assistance driver for Delta sub-contractor G2 for three years and a member of SEIU Local 26 said "I live in St. Paul with my wife and kids, so I've seen the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis win the $15 minimum wage for workers in those cities. Why not here at the airport? We deserve the same pay and respect as workers in cities that border the airport!" For Feben Ghilagaber, a UNITE HERE Local 17 member who has worked at the airport for 13 years, $15 is important because "many of my co-workers are parents working 2 jobs. We believe at an airport as wealthy as MSP that one job should be enough!"

Thousands of workers would benefit from raising the minimum wage to $15 at the airport, which would pump close to $13 million into the Twin Cities economy through wage increases!

Right now, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) is considering raising the airport minimum wage to $15 One Fair Wage! Please sign this petition to let the MAC know that you support them raising the airport minimum wage to $15 One Fair Wage!

Brought to you by: SEIU Local 26, UNITE HERE Local 17 and the Minnesota Airport Workers Council


Reasons for signing

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  • Workers at a world class airport shouldn't have to work more than one job just to survive. It's time their wages were fair and the workers were rewarded for the work they do with a respectable wage.
  • Every worker has the right to a living wage, that includes airport workers. It's time for the people who make the airport run to get what they rightfully deserve.


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