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To: REI board of directors and CEO

A Living Wage for REI Greenvests

A Living Wage for REI Greenvests

Though REI frequently describes the green vests (retail store workers) as "family" and claims to treat them well, many cannot afford to live near the store where they work and are forced to commute great distances or live in unhealthy roommate situations to pay the rent. REIs practice of paying large sums to the CEO and building its business on the backs of its underpaid employees must stop. We, green vests, call on REI to end its exploitative labor practices and find a way to pay a living wage at all stores.

Why is this important?

Everyone deserves to be able to pay the rent without relying on the generosity of others to eat, and should not have to ration their food from week to week because of an unpredictable and fluctuating schedule. One green vest I know was forced to live out of their car in the REI parking lot after losing their apartment while their manager turned a blind eye and the store refused to raise wages above starvation wages.


Reasons for signing

  • REI green vests should unionize their workplace.
  • I would like to be able to afford at least a 1 bedroom apartment on my own and not be stuck having to live with family anymore. I also have many co workers who would like the same.
  • As a member since 2010, I support a living wage and democracy at work for REI employees.


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