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To: Denny’s

Adding automatic gratuity to big parties at Denny’s

Add automatic gratuity options for big parties.

Why is this important?

In most restaurants, gratuity is automatically added to parties of eight or more. They do this in order to ensure the server can provide the best possible service. I believe that adding that same policy to Denny’s would improve our overall experience. As of now, that option is not available to the employees and therefore there are many times the servers are not tipped, especially in areas like Orlando which are highly frequented by tourists who don’t know the customs. This has caused servers to continue to take more tables in order to maximize their chances of making enough money. By doing so, the guests service is sometimes compromised. If they could ensure they would be tipped, they could take less tables and focus on the guests which would create a better experience for both the guests and the employees.


Reasons for signing

  • I used to work at dennys. People dont know how to tip.
  • Servers at Denny's do almost all their own prep and bus their own tables and a lot of parties don't tip properly.


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