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To: Wade Domries, Terry Wells, Tony Geheran, Sandy McIntosh

Addressing Critical Payroll Issues At Telus

Dear Wade, Terry, Tony, and Sandy

It is with profound disappointment and a growing sense of distrust that we address the chronic payroll issues persisting over the past four pay periods. Despite repeated assurances and promises of rectification, we find ourselves in a disheartening cycle of letdowns and unfulfilled commitments.

These pay discrepancies represent a direct violation of Article 13 of the collective agreement between the Union and Management. This ongoing issue that has yet to be properly corrected, demonstrates the absolutely inept decision making at Telus and its complete disregard for the lives of its employees who have children to feed and mortgages to pay. The combined impact of the companies insistence on pay raises that don’t keep pace with inflation, with the present situation regarding an absolutely pitiful display of bookkeeping, is resulting in detrimental effects on the employees that rely on a steady paycheque to keep their families afloat.

Our specific concerns include:

1. **Negative Paychecks and Underpayments:** Numerous employees have received negative paychecks and severely underpaid wages, causing financial strain and uncertainty.

2. **Missing Overtime and Premium Payments:** Many employees are experiencing a lack of compensation for overtime work and Sunday premiums, which is both demoralizing and a clear breach of the agreed-upon terms.

3. **Deduction Errors:** The failure to deduct for the company stock purchase program as well as other critical deductions further compounds the inaccuracies, impacting our financial planning and investment strategies.

We are hereby requesting the following actions:

1. **Immediate Reimbursement:** Immediately rectify and reimburse all missing wages owed to affected employees due to the faulty pay system.

2. **Penalties for Stress Incurred:** Acknowledge the significant stress and financial strain imposed on employees and immediately put in place an employee compensation plan to reimburse employees for their undue stress and time put in towards dealing with the uncertainty of pay related errors.

3. **Systematic Review and Improvement:** Undertake a thorough review of the pay system, addressing the root causes of these issues, and implement comprehensive measures to prevent their recurrence immediately.

We want to emphasize that the impact of these ongoing challenges is not limited to the financial sphere; it permeates the morale and commitment of the entire workforce. The frustration is palpable, and the disappointment is tangible.

We implore management to recognize the toll this ongoing situation has taken on employees and to expedite tangible solutions. We are beyond mere promises; we need actions that reflect a genuine commitment to rectifying these issues and restoring the trust we have lost.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Why is this important?

The ongoing payroll issues at Telus are not merely administrative glitches; they are eroding the fundamental trust between the company's management and its dedicated employees. Week after week, the frustration intensifies as affected employees grapple with the fallout of negative paychecks, underpayments, and persistent broken promises. This issue is crucial because it extends beyond financial discrepancies – it's about the erosion of morale and confidence within the workforce. The toll on employees' trust is reaching a critical point, impacting their overall job satisfaction and commitment to the company. The importance of resolving these payroll issues promptly cannot be overstated; failure to do so risks a significant decline in employee morale, productivity, and the overall health of the employer-employee relationship.

How it will be delivered

Via email to Telus Management once a sufficient amount of signatures have been captured.


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