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To: Hospital Corporation of America

All HCA hospitals need proper PPE for healthcare worker safety

HCA needs to ensure that all nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, CNAs,...etc all have the proper personal protective equipment to safely care for Coronavirus patients. National guidelines for keeping healthcare workers safe need to followed so that we can continue to care for all of our patients safely.

Why is this important?

Low supplies of PPE have caused the hospitals to employ unsafe practices for the employees caring for patients. We are being asked to reuse masks and not use the proper level of PPE due to short supply. It is the corporation’s responsibility to react to this shortage and employ whatever means necessary to ensure that its employees’ safety remains a priority. Employees should not have to try to navigate what is a safe alternative to the known gold standard of personal Protective Equipment during this global pandemic. If we are not provided with the necessary equipment to stay safe, we will not be able to continue to care for the patients in our community that depend on us. HCA needs to use its vast resources to secure proper PPE for all of its employees and medical staff members.

Reasons for signing

  • my granddaughter works at pediatiactric's office
  • The healthcare workers are the front lines fighting this virus. They are the ones that will make a difference in the virus disappearing so the more healthcare workers we can keep safe the better off the community will be


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