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To: Kevin Johnson, CEO

Allow Credit Card Tipping at Starbucks

Allow Credit Card Tipping at Starbucks

As a former barista (ID:1254794), I am appalled that customers are *still* not able to leave a tip on a credit card - especially in light of the Covid situation, since many people are not carrying cash.

Linking the ability to tip non-cash only via Starbucks Cards is a rotten way to get people to sign up for a card, and deprives hard-working Baristas of an important part of their income.

Please catch up with every other modern food and beverage service establishment and accept tips via Credit/debit cards.

Why is this important?

As a former Barista/Shift Supervisor, I can assure you Baristas work hard for that money. They are subject to ever-evolving rules, regulations, and recipes. They are asked to work at top speed and efficiency, push sales up, and be kind even in extreme situations. They deserve every cent.

As a customer, I want to make sure they are rewarded for their service. The traditional reward is tipping.

Reasons for signing

  • It's 2021..... why does Starbucks not have credit card tip systems implemented yet... especially in the pandemic where not a lot of us have cash. Baristas are the backbone to society, they deserve rewards.
  • Baristas work too hard to not be able to receive compensation for their effort the same way most other establishments allow.
  • Tons of customers want to tip this way and baristas are missing out on well deserved tips


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Thank you, first twenty signers! I know we know people still in those trenches - share it for them.

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