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To: Dollar General

Allow Dollar General Employees to Have Unnatural Colored Hair

For Dollar General to remove the prohibition of "unnatural colored hair" out of their dress code. They allow "non offensive" tattoos, there is nothing offensive about colored hair and it should be accepted.

Why is this important?

Dollar General prides itself in being inclusive.

"Diversity and inclusion at Dollar General means doing our best to make sure the company is a welcoming place for all employees, no matter their backgrounds or personal circumstances, and recognizing the value of having a broad range of perspectives ..."

And their dress code was created "in order to convey a positive and professional image to our customers".

Yet when it comes to "unnatural hair colors" it is still prohibited. According to a study done in 2008 by Clairol (a leading salon color brand) 75 percent of American women dye their hair and it's been increasing since then. This days it is more acceptable to dye your hair unnatural colors and both males and females of all ages do. So it would be denying a job opportunity to a majority of woman and man just because of old customs since a hair color does not limit a persons ability to perform a great job or give excellent customer service.

As long as we keep our uniform clean and offer great customer service, the color of our hair should not matter, we should be included too!



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