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To: Domino's

Allow Domino's team members to have "unnaturally" colored hair.

I would like for Domino's to allow its employees to color their hair however they please. Recently, Domino's lifted its "no visible tattoos" policy to replace it with one that reads "no offensive tattoos visible." How is it that tattoos are allowed, but not pink, blue, or purple hair? There is nothing offensive about "unnaturally" colored hair.

Why is this important?

Domino's mission statement reads "Exceptional people, all with a shared goal : to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. That's Domino's Pizza's vision.” There is no research article anywhere that has found purple hair to cause a negative impact on professionalism and efficiency in the workplace. Domino's team members are already required to wear a clean Domino's uniform with their shirts tucked in and their hats facing forward. There are also grooming standards in place. If Domino's wants to be the best pizza delivery company in the world, then its going to need the happiest employees in the world, and how happy can they be when they can't all express themselves in any remote way (unless they have tattoos)? Why should any long term team member be threatened to be fired after doing something new with her hair? Why should a long term eployee have to choose between keeping her job or keeping her new fun hair? Hair color will not impact the quality of one's work ethic. So, why should work impact the color of one's hair? Is an exceptional team member suddenly unexceptional the instant his/her hair turns blue? Please sign the petition for freedom of being.

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