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To: Starbucks

Allow simple acrylic nails at Starbucks

I have worked at Starbucks for over two years and I have noticed, to the best of my knowledge, this is one company that does not allow nails. I can understand why the company established this rule. However, there is no direct contact with food or the drinks as we work. I used to work at Subway for over three years and I was allowed to wear nails while in direct contact with food (hands touching all the food with gloves). All the touching that is done while working at starbucks (without gloves) is with the containers which help to pour and the tongs which aid in the transfer of food from the package to the oven to the warming or pastry bags. In conclusion, Starbucks should allow their partners to wear simple nails (no jewels) at work.

It is a part of one’s expression in their lives out of work. With this being said, the concern of sanitary issues could arise. However, it would not change the overall sanitary precautions that are involved, presently, in touching everything that is required to make a drink or transfer food. Baristas are required to wash their hands consistently throughout their shift. This is why I state that Partners should be allowed their right to expression at work with nails.

Why is this important?

I believe people should join in because it is about freedom of expression. There are many people who have tattoos and colored hair so why not nails. I took a week off from work and was able to finally get nails. I realized that I missed having this part of me throughout the past two years. I felt very confident and I wish I was able to take that to my workplace. Having the freedom to wear nails fulfilled my need for creativity that allows human beings to grow and to represent who they are as an individual.



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