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To: Jimmy John's and Miklin Enterprises

Allow Tip Jars In Jimmy John's Stores

Allow tip jars to be placed at the registers so as to allow in-shop employees to collect tips as a supplement to wages.

Why is this important?

In-shoppers rely on a modest hourly wage, and at this point in time, corporate policy prohibits the placing of a tip jar at registers. The hourly wage currently at Miklin Enterprises is $9.00, the minimum wage in the state of Minnesota, and it similar at Jimmy John's franchises across the U.S. $9.00 does not even cover a full meal at Jimmy John's; considering the costs of housing, food, childcare, education, etc, and the fact that many in-shop employees are single parents, college students, and people working multiple jobs, $9.00 per hour is simply not enough to create a decent living. If Miklin and other Jimmy John's franchises are not willing at this point to increase their employee's wages, the very least they can do is allow them to take in a modest increase in income through voluntary tips by in-shop customers. Outright prohibiting employees to utilize a tip jar is a blatant disrespect to these workers.



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