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To: Cinemark

Allow Colorful Hair and Tattoos at Cinemark

Cinemark should allow colorful hair, piercings and tattoos that are not vulgar.

Other workplaces have been successfully petitioned to change their dress code, showing that such changes don't have any negative effect on professionalism. Starbucks has updated its dress code to include tattoos, Walmart changed its outdated dress policy to support freedom of expression, and Publix employees came together to petition for ability to have beards. That's just a few examples! And in the past five years alone, more U.S.A. based companies are now allowing casual dress code, from 32% to 50%.

Why is this important?

Most of the employees at Cinemark are young; either in high school or college. This is a critical point in life to experiment with your appearance, but Cinemark is very conservative and allows no such thing.

Many have meaningful tattoos and have to cover them up with a long sleeve shirts under their work shirt. In many cases, this makes them sweaty and tired from the extra heat, and oil and drinks splash onto the sleeves, leaving them wet.

As for creative hair, more and more employers are realizing you can be professional with green or pink hair. The attitude matters, not the hair. Dress code itself is also limiting, only allowing an entirely black wardrobe down to the socks, often requiring employees to spend a decent amount of money on clothing they will only wear at work, including shoes.

Freedom of expression will make employees happier and more productive at work, resulting in everyone being more satisfied all around.



2020-02-18 16:29:04 -0500

Tattoos are now allowed at Cinemark! However, colored hair is not, and I will still strive and hope to change that. Thank you for your support.

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