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To: Amazon warehouse manager Chris Young and sr. regional manager Kyle Desautels

Amazon, give all part-time warehouse workers Paid Time Off

(March 22, 2020): We won Paid Time Off! After six months of Amazonians organizing across the country, we have won what Amazon arbitrarily denied us until now.

Now we must continue and fight for health insurance and real measures that prevent the spread of coronavirus in our warehouses.

Read more about our fight to win PTO here:

1) We want the Amazon station manager for DSM1, Chris Young, and the senior regional manager, Kyle Desautels, to meet with representatives from Amazonians United Sacramento (AUS). The goal of this meeting is to discuss the issues we raised around Paid Time Off through a petition signed by 218 DSM1 workers.
2) We want Amazon to give all of its workers Paid Time Off.

Why is this important?

Amazon is denying DSM1 warehouse workers the same benefits given to regular part-time employees. According to our own employee handbook, regular part time Amazon employees working 20-29 hours a week receive a minimum of 12 paid days off a year in accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) and Paid Floating Holidays. At DSM1, we receive 0 paid days off a year.

We believe that DSM1 workers should get the same benefits for working the same number of hours as other Amazonians. To make this point, Amazonians United Sacramento (AUS) collected a petition signed by 218 co-workers demanding we receive PTO. We turned that petition in on December 1st 2019 and in response Amazon management has refused to acknowledge receipt of the petition, refused to meet with AUS, and told us we have to transfer jobs to get PTO.

We're not going to let Amazon dodge the real issue. The fact is that Amazon is a trillion dollar company run by the richest man in the world and they intentionally give all class q part-time workers less benefits than regular part-time workers so that they grow the company at our expense. We've had enough. Paid Time Off is not an individual issue but one that affects all employees at DSM1 and across the Amazon Logistics network. Most DSM1 workers have second jobs, childcare responsibilities, or elder care responsibilities that prevent us from transferring jobs to get the benefits we already deserve. For this reason, ensuring equitable PTO benefits to employees cannot be handled through individual meetings, job transfers, or supposedly "open communication." Resolving this issue requires that Amazon management meet with DSM1 workers as a organized group.

Please sign this petition if you believe that Amazon management should meet with AUS representatives about PTO and that Amazon should give all of its part-time workers PTO.




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