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To: American Airlines senior management, Douglas Parker

American Airlines Employee Travel Benefit Changes

We all want to be treated fairly by American, both employees and retirees. Douglas Parker you have stated that you strived to create a fair non-rev system. However, what is being proposed is not fair. The retirees have been moved to the back of the bus in a position that was only meant for those who have never worked for American or any airline. The retirees have not been given the same number of passes, D1 or D3 that the active employees have. That, Mr. Parker, is not fair. The retirees do not want to be placed in the back of the bus but we want what was promised at retirement and that is equality. If you truly want fairness, you will realize that the soon to be enacted system should be scrapped and all employees past and present be in the same category. Additionally, some Sabre retirees cannot access Jetnet to check availability or check in for a flight. That is also a part of fairness that needs to be resolved.
You have stated that there are many employees that are eligible for flight benefits. That is true, but there are also many flights to spread them over and we do not all go on a trip every day. Why not leave AA's prior system in place and only modify it if problems arise?

Why is this important?

This issue is vitally important to our future travel planning. Please sign our petition.


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