To: Apple

Equal treatment for Contractors at Apple

Equal treatment for Contractors at Apple

A lot of people who work at Apple all over the world don't work for the company directly and are labeled 'contractors'. In a lot of those cases we aren't though, but more importantly, as soon as you get labeled this way you get treated like secondary citizens.

You don't get to participate in events, talks, you get talked down to and look down upon by Apple badged employees, we don't get the same benefits, don't get access to certain parts of the building, get paid less and so on. Day in day out we are made to feel like we are not important, that we don't matter and that we are not as good as actual Apple employees.

Why is this important?

We all deserve to be treated equally, whether no matter your gender, age, wherever you come from and more importantly: no matter what your employee status is.


Reasons for signing

  • I live in the Silicon Valley and what she is saykng is true not only of apple but if not all but most of the tech industries in the economy. Yhey deserve our support ans backing!