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To: Starbucks

Starbucks: It’s Time for a Pay Raise!

Starbucks: It’s Time for a Pay Raise!

In order to increase employee engagement and retention, and improve customer service, Starbucks should raise wages for employees as follows:

Barista: $12.00/hour
Shift: $15.00/hour
ASM:$45,000 annually
Manager: $75,000 annually

Why is this important?

Having higher wages will attract people who are looking to develop into higher positions. Right now we get college students or high school students who don’t plan on staying long-term and don’t take the job seriously.

I also feel like it will help employees feel like the work is worth it. We deal with very high end customers who expect expensive service, but baristas feel overworked and under-paid so they don’t have the drive to work at their best or go out of their way for a customer.

Higher wages will make a huge difference on the environment of the workplace because they will demonstrate to employees that their work is valued and appreciated. I know the perks that Starbucks offers are amazing and I’m not doubting that, but they just don’t suffice when you can’t afford to live.

I’m here to make a difference and to improve the customer experience, employees’ livelihood, and the overall morale of the business.


Reasons for signing

  • I worked at Starbucks in 2009, and it was the hardest year of my life. I got the job because I heard Starbucks pays above minimum wage. This turned out to be “true,” as I got $0.10 above min wage. I worked 39.5 hours per week, 30 minutes shy of full time, so they did not have to provide health benefits. My manager constantly let me know I was dispensable, and he knew this scared me since I lived paycheck to paycheck. I left every shift exhausted due to the store being understaffed to save money.
  • Partners deal with too much to be getting underpaid.
  • Minimum wage should not be allowed to be advertised as “competitive wages” when other fast food in the area starts several dollars higher.


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