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To: New CEO, Russell Weiner

Domino's Employees Deserve a Raise

Domino's new CEO Russell Weiner made $4,191,396 in 2020 while over half of all Dominos employees make less than $15 an hour with drivers being paid below minimum wage. The store level employees work hard to make Dominos a successful company and they deserve to be paid fair wages. Dominos minimum wage needs to be at least $15 an hour to keep it's employees out of poverty wages.

Why is this important?

Dominos store employees deserves to be paid fair wages. They shouldn't continue to be paid as little as the company legally can so that their CEOs can be millionaires. 40% of all fast food employees live in poverty and 52% of all fast food employees are on government assistance which comes from the tax paying citizens. Dominos can afford to pay its employees and should be the one paying them, not everyone else's taxes.



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