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To: Outback Steakhouse

Auto gratuity on parties of six or more

Auto gratuity on parties of six or more

Implement automatic gratuity again for parties of six or more.

Why is this important?

When servers have to tip out for hostess and bartenders this tip comes out of their own tips based on their sales for the day, most of the time servers have to end up paying for guests to sit at their table and eat because they don't tip the proper amount according to their tap. In a place like Miami and other cities that are most of the time visited by tourists from other countries or just people that don't want to tip we are after shortened in our tips and our paychecks are not enough to even pay for our gas to go to work and back.


Reasons for signing

  • Today I just had people leave me two dollars on a $109 check and five dollars on a $125 check, I work hard for my money and nothing was wrong with these table's food or anything or drinks.
  • Guests have gotten horrible about leaving even 15 % on a large party. Just last week a party of 21 church folks got the best service ever. In fact, 2 servers compromised and took it together (no one wanted these customers). After numerous complements to manager about perfect dining experience, These church folks left $5 TOTAL TO BE SPLIT BETWEEN 2 PPL. After our tipout, and tax on sales, we actually PAID TO WAIT ON THEM.
  • Perhaps these customers can call my landlord or the electric company and give them a complement in leu of a bill payment. People know better! There is no excuse and the larger the party the more inclined each person is to think "someone else will tip".


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