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Bath & Body Works Fair Workweek

Bath & Body Works’ parent company -- L Brands -- has announced that it will end on-call shifts in its U.S. stores starting in October 2015 joining other major retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch and the Gap.

Bath & Body Works Fair Workweek

End call-in shifts that make it nearly impossible to have a second job and result in unpredictable pay. Employees should be able to sign-up for extra shifts as needed by the company.

Why is this important?

It's important because if you are struggling to earn a living, two or more jobs may be required. These call-in shifts require you to be available for their business needs, yet if they do not need you that day, you missed out on possibly having a guaranteed shift elsewhere. It makes it difficult for those who have school, need childcare, use public transportation, or just having a life outside of work in general. Please let's stop this unpredictable scheduling! It does not give us any value as employees as everything else solely revolves around business needs!


Reasons for signing

  • Because call-in shifts are "faux-hours" not real hours. They aren't fair to us. We want to WORK not hope we get to work, if we're lucky.
  • I signed because I work maybe once a month and all the rest of my shifts are call ins. Because of this I had to pick up other jobs elsewhere. Honestly I wouldn't mind so much if hours were circulated between associates. But they keep a main staff that make plenty of hours, while everyone else gets none.
  • i am on call as child care for my grandchild when my daughter who works there is on call.... makes it not much fun to have a day off, when you can't plan anything..... until BBBW get they day together.


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Bath & Body Works says it will end on-call scheduling in its U.S. stores starting in October 2015.

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