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To: BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurants

BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant: Give Servers Auto-Gratuity for Large Parties

BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant: Give Servers Auto-Gratuity for Large Parties

To implement automatic gratuity on all large party checks. It is hard for a server to work hard for the company and their guests when they are not being properly compensated. Therefore we as employees of BJ's should stand together and allow our voices to be heard.

Why is this important?

BJ's is a casual dining restaurant chain with 169 locations in 22 states. We're known especially for pizza and award-winning beer. It's a great restaurant to work for, but not providing auto-gratuity for large parties makes it hard for servers.

Many customers don't realize gratuity isn't included or don't leave a fair tip when it's a large party. Plus, servers need to pay out a portion of whatever tip we reserve to support staff like busers and host/hostesses. Sometimes, when the restaurant isn't too busy and I'm serving just a few large parties, I won't even take home enough in tips to pay a bus fare. Other restaurants I've worked for include auto-gratuity and it's made a big difference.

This issue is something that has plagued us all as employees of this wonderful company. We don't make as much as we should which, has made a lot of our staff contemplate leaving the company.


Reasons for signing

  • Large parties should have a service fee if they require two servers:)
  • I work for BJ's
  • It true customers don't pay well enough to serve them


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Check out coverage of this campaign in the Washington Post here!

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