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To: Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday: Bring Back Auto Gratuity on Parties of 6 or More

Add automatic gratuity to large parties for servers, because often these large parties are shared and tips must be split between multiple people in the restaurant.

Why is this important?

This would eliminate guesswork on bill paying for servers. With auto gratuity, servers can wait on large tables without the fear of their money or time being wasted by a party that gives a minuscule or nonexistent tip.


Reasons for signing

  • Parties are hard work, and especially with very large parties you're sacrificing other tables to wait on them and give them the attention they deserve. It's time we start getting the tip we deserve for losing other tables and the work we do on these parties. I've seen servers get stiffed on parties of 10+ and that's devastating when you're getting skipped for 30 minutes to take the party.
  • Too often I see cheapskate large parties leave no tip either because they don't have to or because they were mad that it took time for their food to come out to the table.
  • I worked at a Ruby Tuesday for many years and I can not even count how many times I got stiffed by large parties. My general tip percentage was always 20% or more, so it wasn't due to bad service. It got so bad I refused to take larger parties. All of my coworkers were in the same boat, some of them even had large parties leave nothing. I worked at a pub where gratuity was added. The customers did not mind and the servers worked just as hard on larger parties.


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