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To: Bloomin' Brands

Bring back auto gratuity to parties of six or more at Carrabba's

Bring back the automatic gratuity on parties of six or more

Why is this important?

Because as a server most of the time when I have to split a large party with other coworkers we make very little money. Most people do not tip accordingly especially large parties.


Reasons for signing

  • Because it's insane to not add gratuity to a 60 top... We have to fend for ourselves and the company is getting paid why can't there workers...
  • People need to appreciate others that make your dining experience pleasant. These people work very hard for there money to support themselves & their families.
  • It is unfair and downright wrong but it happens! Service industry servers get short changed. If it's built in to the check it will prevent people from doing the wrong thing!!


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