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Bring back auto gratuity to parties of six or more at Carrabba's

Bring back the automatic gratuity on parties of six or more

Why is this important?

Because as a server most of the time when I have to split a large party with other coworkers we make very little money. Most people do not tip accordingly especially large parties.


Reasons for signing

  • People need to appreciate others that make your dining experience pleasant. These people work very hard for there money to support themselves & their families.
  • It is unfair and downright wrong but it happens! Service industry servers get short changed. If it's built in to the check it will prevent people from doing the wrong thing!!
  • My daughter is often in tears over big parties that get exceptional service and tie up tables for the night but don't tip accordingly. Cater outs are the worst offenders. 15 to 20% is not that big a sacrifice considering the value you get.


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