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To: Landrys Co.

Bring gratuity back to Bubba Gump

Protect us from being stiffed and having to pay tip share, specially to big checks. We should be covered with checks $100 and up.

Why is this important?

We work hard to provide an excellent service. It hurts when we don't get protected for our money. We daily experience many people whom appreciate the service but don't understand the concept of tipping. We work in a location that has more tourists whose lack of understanding of tipping because of language or cultural barriers jeopardize what we work hard for.


Reasons for signing

  • Tired of making bubbas tons of money off food, retail and memberships. To have the customer and leave 7%! Ridiculous and utter disrespect
  • I use to work at bubbas and this not tipping situation got a little bit ridiculous.
  • Tourists don't feel the need to tip because they don't do it in their country but this is America and it has nothing to do with what the rules ate back home.


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