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To: Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy

Etsy: Stand for Small Businesses, Not Corporate Profits.

Etsy made bank over the pandemic. In 2020, they more than doubled their gross marketplace sales. In 2021, they kept those pandemic sales gains and broke their 2020 record by $3.2 billion dollars.

In June of 2021, they acquired Elo7, the “Etsy of Brazil” to the tune of $217 million dollars cash.
In July of 2021, they completed acquisition of Depop, a British fashion marketplace, to the tune of $1.625 billion dollars, primarily cash.

They followed up these record pandemic gains by turning around and sticking it to their sellers.

On April 11, 2022, they increased our transaction fees by 30%.

Etsy’s last fee increase was in July 2018. With the new increase, our basic fees to use the platform have more than doubled in less than four years. These basic fees do not include additional fees for Offsite ads - which started during the first wave of the pandemic.

Offsite Ads pushes Etsy’s advertising costs onto their sellers, by charging us an additional 12-15% fee for each item sold through the Offsite Ads program. A 15% fee is charged to sellers who have never earned more than $10,000 in a year, and these sellers are allowed to opt out of the program. Other sellers pay 12%, and are never allowed to opt out.

Thanks to Offsite Ads, Etsy fees are an unpredictable expense that can take more than 20% of each transaction. We have no control over how these ads are administered, or how much of our money is spent.

Another mid-pandemic development is the Star Seller Program, a bizarre attempt to micromanage the terms of our engagement with our buyers and audiences. Meanwhile, Etsy sellers routinely report waiting weeks or months for responses to urgent Etsy support tickets.

AI-powered bots shut down legitimate seller accounts seemingly at random, while Etsy looks the other way on resellers who undercut authentic makers by peddling sweatshop-produced junk in clear violation of the spirit of the Etsy community. Rather than rewarding the sellers whose hard work has enabled Etsy to become one of the most profitable tech companies in the world, Etsy gouges us, ignores us and patronizes us.

As individual crafters, makers and small businesspeople, we may be easy for a giant corporation like Etsy to take advantage of. But as an organized front of people, determined to use our diverse skills and boundless creativity to win ourselves a fairer deal, Etsy won’t have such an easy time shoving us around.

We went on strike April 11-18 to call on Etsy to hold itself accountable to sellers and buyers. Sellers put their shops on vacation mode in protest. Buyers showed support by agreeing to boycott Etsy during that time.

These are our demands:

1: Cancel the fee increase.
Increasing seller fees by 30% after two years of record sales is nothing short of pandemic profiteering. With this increase, our fees as sellers will have more than doubled in less than 4 years.

2: Crack down on Resellers
Etsy needs to provide a comprehensive plan for tackling resellers (people selling mass produced goods that they have not even designed themselves) on the platform. This plan must be transparent so that sellers can hold Etsy accountable.

3: “Golden” Support Tickets
People are waiting months to appeal computer-made decisions that stop them from accessing their own earnings, or running their business entirely. These people should have an automatic fast track through Etsy’s infamously slow support system. Etsy can’t bill itself as a folksy, handmade utopia while AI bots terrorize sellers whose livelihood depends on reaching buyers on the platform.

4: End the Star Seller program (See update below)
Passive aggressive efforts to influence seller behavior are counter-productive and result in a worse customer experience. Rather than making us mad at buyers who leave glowing 4-Star reviews, or making us feel that we can no longer offer letter class shipping on items like cards and stickers, Etsy should leave us to individually do the best we can for each and every customer in each and every situation.

5: Let All sellers opt out of Offsite Ads
We should be in control of which listings to advertise, how much we spend on ads, and whether to advertise at all. There should be no level of “success” that forces sellers to foot Etsy’s advertising costs, unless we choose to. That “success” level being well below the US federal poverty line only adds insult to injury.

Why is this important?

Etsy was founded with a vision of "keeping commerce human" by "democratizing access to entrepreneurship." As a result, people who have been marginalized in traditional retail economies -- women, people of color, LGBTQ people, neurodivergent people, etc. -- make up a significant proportion of Etsy's sellers. For many of us, Etsy makes up our main source of income.

But as Etsy has strayed further and further from its founding vision over the years, what began as an experiment in marketplace democracy has come to resemble a dictatorial relationship between a faceless tech empire and millions of exploited, majority-women craftspeople.

Unlike employees or tenants in traditional retail marketplace settings, Etsy can fire or evict us at any time, for any reason, with no recourse. Our fees (the rent we pay as tenants of Etsy's marketplace) can be unilaterally raised any time Etsy feels like it. Etsy can and does withhold payments to sellers for months at a time, without any process for appealing or speaking with a representative of the company.

Even though it's the hard work of Etsy's sellers who've made it the massively successful company it is today, we have fewer rights and less of a voice in our workplaces than ever.

It doesn't need to be this way! Etsy can be a successful and profitable company while still treating its sellers fairly and ethically. Etsy can be the force for good it initially set out to be. And together, Etsy sellers and the buyers who support us can show hyper-exploited platform workers everywhere that there's a better way, if we unite in solidarity and work together to achieve it!



2022-06-02 12:19:31 -0400

Etsy management recently announced changes to its controversial Star Seller program, changes coming just six weeks after the Etsy Strike. Though Star Seller launched nearly a year ago, it was only after tens of thousands of sellers joined together with one voice that Etsy began implementing these much needed changes. This is undeniable proof that Etsy seller solidarity can make a real difference on the platform.

Although we are heartened by this small victory, because it will enable thousands more hardworking Etsy sellers to receive the recognition they deserve, we know that it is not enough. Etsy has shown they are listening, yet they still refuse to speak directly to the movement of Etsy sellers started by the strike and now represented by the Indie Sellers Guild.

If Etsy truly cares about sellers, they must give sellers real input. And we must continue to demand a better, more equitable online marketplace for all who appreciate handmade, vintage, unique and craft goods.

2022-04-18 10:06:12 -0400

This is a double update, because I meant to do this last week too! We got completely overwhelmed with media interview requests starting first thing last Monday morning. A good problem to have!

We started out the week with almost 50K signatures on the petition. Today we're at more than 82K, 29K of which are sellers.

Last Monday, we sent a letter to Etsy asking them to open a dialogue with us. They ignored us. So starting today, we plan to become even harder to ignore.

Details are posted on our website:

2022-04-11 12:50:25 -0400

50,000 signatures reached

2022-03-31 17:36:57 -0400

20,000 signatures reached

2022-03-26 18:44:33 -0400

10,000 signatures reached

2022-03-23 00:41:49 -0400

5,000 signatures reached

2022-03-22 10:07:50 -0400

1,000 signatures reached

2022-03-22 07:01:07 -0400

500 signatures reached

2022-03-19 17:56:35 -0400

100 signatures reached

2022-03-19 14:41:57 -0400

50 signatures reached

2022-03-19 12:43:20 -0400

25 signatures reached

2022-03-18 22:16:50 -0400

10 signatures reached