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To: L Brands Bath and Body Works

Change of Dress code

Everyday at work we are required to wear white shirts while working on the sales floor and black shirts while doing stock. White is the easiest color to get dirty and after a while it becomes off white. Even with our aprons on, our shirts get dirty from climbing ladders, accessing the loft, cleaning, and simple cashiering. If the prided colors are blue and white gingham, then why is blue not considered a color choice? All together those white shirts have to go and we need tennis shoes while working on the hard surface floors as well. We need support for our feet while working, flat sandals and flat shoes provide no support but are continually causing sciatica pains....we are tired! It's time for a change! Operation dress code change!

Why is this important?

Because I believe that we are all tired of the dress code....and the color white seems almost redundant since we are constantly getting dirty! When we get to work we do stock, constantly picking up and carrying boxes, as we are always moving. The color white should not even be considered for retail, especially when we spend more money for clothing than the company provides in labor.



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