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To: Chittenden County Transit Authority (CCTA)

Chittenden County Bus Drivers Have Our Support

Chittenden County bus drivers and the Green Mountain Transit Board of Commissioners reached a new collective bargaining agreement with a five-year contract starting July 1. The contract gives drivers a 14% pay increase spread over the five years. Thanks to all who supported the bus drivers!

Chittenden County Bus Drivers Have Our Support

We, the undersigned educators in Chittenden County, call on the Chittenden County Transit Authority (CCTA) to settle a fair contract with its bus drivers.

Why is this important?

Many young Vermonters depend on our hard-working, experienced CCTA bus drivers to get to school every day. These bus drivers fight dangerous weather conditions and aggressive drivers to ensure that our students arrive to school safely.

On March 12th, CCTA bus drivers voted to strike after months of being pressured by the transit authority to accept serious (and sometimes dangerous) changes to their contract. The bus drivers already work 12.5-hour shifts, but CCTA wanted its drivers to agree to 13.5-hour shifts. CCTA wanted to transition to more part-time positions, leaving more Vermont families without dependable, full-time employment. CCTA has increased surveillance of drivers for disciplinary purposes by reviewing video footage when anonymous complaints are filed. CCTA also continues to make unilateral changes to working conditions, such as regular access to bathroom breaks while drivers are on their shift.

As of March 17th, CCTA drivers are on strike. The strike interrupts bus service for thousands of Vermonters, including many of our students. In Burlington, local school children rely on the public buses to get to school, and the vast majority of students who will struggle to find alternative transportation to school during a strike are students who come from lower socio-economic families. We're calling on CCTA to settle a fair contract for its bus drivers and get the buses back on the road.

Our students' public bus drivers deserve safe working conditions and fair treatment. We're speaking up for them, and we hope you'll join us by adding your name.


Reasons for signing

  • I WAS a bus driver. I cannot imagine working effectively under the conditions presently proposed by management. I also have strong feelings (opposed) to balancing budgets by using the "part-time" solution. It's damaging to the quality of service, not to mention the social structure (and there is one) of bus drivers.
  • We need to value public employees more than we currently do
  • They deserve fair pay and working conditions.


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