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To: HR - Penn Highlands Healthcare

Clarify the tattoo policy!!! Let our tattoos show!!!

Clarify the tattoo policy!!! Let our tattoos show!!!

Our current tattoo policy states that small and unobtrusive tattoos can be visible. Clarification as to what is small or not needs clarified.....or better yet.....thrown out all together. I have abided by this policy when choosing my tattoos and where to get them at. Recently, I have been told to cover my larger tattoos on my upper arm until the policy gets clarified...but this isn't in the works yet. Having to adhere to the dress code rules of not being able to show our ink is an outdated practice! Please let me and my coworkers express ourself.

Why is this important?

I can still be kind and compassionate and do my job well with my tattoos showing. I KNOW my efficiency will IMPROVE with short sleeves as the hot summer months and being a female (change of life) is making my work days unberable. I have had many patients question why I am covered and could not believe that I HAVE to cover my beautiful flowers. I feel diversity should be embraced and not judged.



2015-08-21 15:54:13 -0400

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