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To: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee is Not Essential

Coffee is Not Essential

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf needs to close business for 30 days, and pay their employees during these drastic times.

Why is this important?

As Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf continues to operate under the pretense that we are aiding the community by providing food and beverage, but they are in fact only endangering their employees and customers. Coffee bean is taking additional steps to encourage cleanliness and sanitation, however this does not eliminate all possibility of not catching COVID-19. The virus stays in the air and on surfaces for up to 14 days. As many medical professionals are being given a quick easy way to grab coffee, it is also putting the employees at risk as well as any guests that it could be transferred to.

Reasons for signing

  • Coffee is food, we need it.
  • I used to work at Coffee Bean and understand the risk involved.


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