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To: Jimmy Johns

Colored hair at Jimmy Johns

Colored hair at Jimmy Johns

We would like the allow hair that is not considered a natural color.

Why is this important?

This is important because a person's hair is an extension of their personality. Most people who work at Jimmy John's are young highschool and college kids. Those are the time meant to figure out who you are and this extends to hair color. Many professions are allowing colored hair include most of the food industry, which Jimmy John's is part of. Please help Jimmy John's employees express themselves with their hair color.


Reasons for signing

  • I think hair color is a way of presenting personality and self expression in a non permanent way especially for younger people. I am graduating this year and I enjoy coloring my hair along with some of my other coworkers who are also young. I do not think it is distracting, ugly, or trashy to have colored hair it can be very beautiful and help employees who choose to dye their hair feel good about themselves.
  • I would love to have my hair dyed. Besides, no where in the employee handbook does it say I can’t.
  • I do work there and my hair is half blonde half brown and I barely passed with that cause it is dyed. "Natural colors" they say. I miss having real color.


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