To: Not being paid while out of work due to exposer risk of the corona epidemic

corona exposer risks health welbeing

Hello my name is Rhonda Curtis and i worked for the Piza Hut in Ashdown Arkansas. I was working when this epicademic started and one day just start feeling sick,i brung it to my managers attention and was told as long as i didn't have a fever i was ok. the following day i returned back to work feeling horrible. i then went to the doctor and found out that i could possibly have the corona virus and was put on quairentene. i had my mom take my doctors excuse into work and was told that i coulden"t return back to work until i was cleared from the doctror. as of today i am still under the doctor and told that it would be best if i didn't return to work just yet due to my immue system being weak and i am more at risk of exposer. during that time i have been fired i guess because i haven't been getting paid also i filed for unemployment due to my doctor recomending i do so. basically i got fired while out on medical leave due to the corona virus. i dont know what to do because i should be getting paid or some compensation. i was told to seek legal advise from a lawyer and the lawyer said that i wasn't suppose to be fired because i coulden't return to work because of the virus. he is goin to look further into thois matter for me and see what steps are next

Why is this important?

This is important because i had never missed a day or been late and i feel like i am being mistreated