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To: My Goods Market

My Goods Market: Change your tattoo policy

My Goods Market: Change your tattoo policy

Amend the policy to allow visible tattoos and piercings in the workplace.

Why is this important?

Here in Portland, Oregon you can't throw a stone without hitting a tattoo parlor. We have police, doctors and lawyers with visible tattoos all over their arms, even their necks, and who knows where else.

But at My Goods Market -- a convenience store/gas station chain with hundreds of locations in Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado -- we are told that if we don't cover our visible tattoos there will be consequences. We could even lose our jobs because we don't want to put on a long sleeve shirt year round. It gets hot enough wearing long sleeves while working, but for those of us in states like Oregon where the gas pump is contingent on a service rep, employees will overheat in long sleeves while running in and out of the store during the hot summer months.

Portland is an art-centric and EXTREMELY tattoo friendly city. Why would this be even remotely acceptable?. We need to fix this. It's 2015: I have met grandparents who have full sleeves. Tattoos are no longer indicative of negative elements of society. They are an expression of personal taste or an homage to something you care about. No one should be able to censor your body or how you choose to adorn it. That's why major national chains like Starbucks have recently changed their policies to allow visible tattoos at work.

Please join me in asking My Goods Market to change its policy to allow visible tattoos at work.

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