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To: Amazon CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos

COVID-19: Amazon, Please Extend Paid Sick Coverage To All Your Fulfillment Workers

Mr. Bezos, please bring us smiles by expanding paid sick coverage to all of your sick workers for the months of March & April, while fulfillment centers remain open to deliver smiles for millions of our customers.

Why is this important?

Many Amazonians at the fulfillment centers have had to call out sick during the Coronavirus outbreak and urgently need Amazon to expand paid sick coverage. We are very grateful that we are allowed to take unlimited sick days this month, but only those of us in quarantine for the Covid-19 virus, and who test positive will be entitled to extra sick pay — which amounts to a mere handful of thousands of Amazonians company-wide.

Currently, testing for the Coronavirus remains highly inaccessible to millions of people in the United States. Amazonians who are unable to get tested shouldn’t have to suffer financial duress for staying home, so as not to spread the virus to their coworkers and the public — not knowing if they’ve contracted Covid-19 or not. For Amazon workers who have tried to get tested, many of us have found it next to impossible, because testing at this time is largely only available at the ER, and for people who are showing acute symptoms.

Mr. Bezos, please bring smiles to your Amazonians by expanding paid sick coverage to all your workers at the fulfillment centers. March has been a rough month for us and for all Americans, and there seems no end in sight. We'd be so very grateful for this act of goodwill from our CEO.


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