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Crete Carrier Corp hazard pay for high risk employees aka shops

Crete Carrier Corp hazard pay for high risk employees aka shops

Shop employees are the most high at risk you can implement all the cleaning proceed you need to. But these trucks travel to unknown areas and could possibly be carrying the virus. The trucks are not being sterilize and yet the shop employees are the ones you are asking to potentially put there life on the line and possibly die from this virus for the same pay!

Why is this important?

Your asking us to put our lives at risk while others get to stay home. Most other big corporations are paying hazard pay to most prone personal with is shop personal!! So make this right your asking for us put our lives on the line that can potentially be deadly to us for the same pay. Be fair and pay us the hazard pay we deserve!

Reasons for signing

  • I work in a place where there is more then 20 ppl working there...we weld and powercoat rims for tractor and outsiders are coming and going all the time..
  • My husband is still having to work for an agriculture business...he takes the risk of working with more then 20..he also takes the risk of bringing it home and my elder mother with underline health issues lives with us..


2020-03-26 10:54:38 -0400

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