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To: CSL Management

CSL workers demand secure jobs in the north

CSL workers demand secure jobs in the north

CSL workers have been trying to negotiate a new, fair agreement with management in good faith. Workers have already rejected the unfair agreement twice, but unfortunately, the company are refusing to listen to what their employees have to say.

We are asking that CSL management listen to their workers concerns.

We demand that management stop undermining permanent, skilled healthcare jobs in the northern suburbs of Melbourne by contracting out insecure and low paid jobs.

CSL is a very successful company and this is because of its hardworking and skilled employees. By contracting jobs out the company puts this reputation at risk.

CSL workers care about their work and the products they create. CSL workers deserve respect from the company.

We are asking that management meet with employees to bargain in good faith and that they protect secure jobs in the north.

Why is this important?

CSL employees are skilled and hardworking. We need to stand with them to protect quality, secure jobs in the north.


Reasons for signing

  • Every worker counts


2015-09-27 20:00:59 -0400

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