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D2andD3T Priority Boarding Vote NO

Mr Parker
As I'm sure you are aware already another similar petition is asking for you to consider allowing D3's to board when travelling with the D2.
In no way is this fair. I've been travelling for years with my D3's and only on a very few occasions we couldn't travel together. If you plan accordingly check the flights travelling with your D3's in not impossible. Thank you for your consideration

Why is this important?

Bumping an active employee with a D3 is in no way fair....


Reasons for signing

  • Give me back a D2 classification for travel, and I'll reconsider my NO vote.
  • It's bad enough retirees are now forced to travel as D2R, but allowing some guest to bump a retiree as well as an active is ridiculous and unfair. Don't make it worse, please!
  • I worked for 38 yrs and deserve to get our D2 status reinstated not going down one more step...


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