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To: Uber

Decrease The Service Fee

In 5 years, Uber has been a juggernaut in the Ridesharing business. Thanks to their efforts, many people have been able to either sustain a full-time income, or work part time for a little extra spending money. But as the years had passed, it seems as if they slowly get a little bit greedier with their part of the cut. I think that uber needs to reduce the amount of money they take from their drivers.

Why is this important?

Uber, while being nearly 6 years old, is "still [young and] in it's infancy," as they like to say. The driver app, after all this time, is riddled with bugs and flaws. They are continually trying to meet a halfway point of satisfaction between the riders and drivers. Riders want to pay less, drivers want more money, and with the app as screwy as it has been, I personally, whom uber takes 20% as a service fee for uber X, think that even 20% is too much to pay for service, especially with how crappy the service is.

The Uber Driver app currently has me thrown from one side of the city to the next, approximating 10-15 minutes to arrive to a pick up, even if I'm in an area that requires more attention, and when asked if this can be fixed, all uber could do is send me a reply claiming that they are trying to create a better cleaner system and to just sit tight and be patient. I'm sorry, but no. For the way things run, Uber honestly deserves only 5% of a service fee from all drivers.

Recently, in September 2015, they announced that all new drivers would have a 28% service fee. That isn't fair to any new drivers, because they are using the same problematic system, and they have just the same reasons as everybody else who has joined uber in the past.

It is imperative that Uber drop their service fee for ALL drivers, old and new, down to 5% until they can at least get their system in gear. If this is done, more veteran drivers would be more willing to drive, even if it wasn't surging, and uber would still be bringing millions of dollars to their wallets every year. Customers are still paying cheap for their rides, drivers wouldn't struggle so bad to make a living, and uber would still profit from their service fees. Everybody wins.



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