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To: Uber

Delete rating system

Delete rating system

Delete the rating system

Why is this important?

Because people are different and if they have a personality conflict it shouldn't effect their work life. I also think that if a driver works in a distressed neighborhood they will not have as high a rating as if they work in a privileged area


Reasons for signing

  • I’ve worked for Uber and Lyft and feel the rating system is extremely unfair.
  • Cause your rating system sucks just like your company
  • because riders rate bad for no reason , they are rude and pay nothing for a fare, I'm nice to all my riders and at end of day look at my rating and it goes down I have done more than 12,000 riders I know what I'm doing and if you show lower rating from rider means uber gets more of the percentage of the fare its all rigged uber is rigged I have been with them 3 years. said on yahoo they messed up on our pay for 3 years and have to pay back and interest and they wont


2017-09-08 22:02:30 -0400

Today I had a pool ride where I had an added passenger who told me to cancel the add on. I didn't and got trashed for it. I will bet that on average uber x ratings are higher than uber pool