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To: Northwest Montessori

Employee Petition - Revocation - Spring Break 2021

Employee Petition - Revocation - Spring Break 2021

Revocate cancellation of Spring Break 2021 in exchange for keeping the school open for the following scheduled closures and 2 unpaid days off:

April 2, 2021 - Good Friday
May 31, 2021 - Memorial Day
July 5, 2021 - Independence Day

Why is this important?

This has been an incredibly difficult year for all of us. We, the teachers, are so incredibly grateful to be in a career field where, in these unsteady times, work will almost always be available to us. We are also blessed to play such an influential role in the lives of our students. The winter storm that tore through many of our homes, not even a year after the chaos that has been COVID-19, has been devastating to many of our staff. Our physical and mental health has taken a beating, and we desperately need respite. A week without heat in a winter storm is not that. A week of our homes incurring damage is not that. A week without the ability to take a shower and flush the toilet, having to wait outside grocery stores in freezing temperatures, only to be turned away, is not that.

Spring Break 2021 is necessary in order to be of adequate mental health to provide our students with what they need. It is necessary to care for ourselves in order to be able to best care for one another as well.

In addition, many staff members have already invested financially in plans for Spring Break 2021. Most of these plans involve spending time with family members we haven’t seen since COVID-19 began. With the newly established vaccines, many of are just now able to safely reunite with our loved ones and properly pay our respects to those we’ve lost.

To deprive your hard-working staff of this much needed time off is to create unhealthy work conditions—at best.

Lastly, you will find that our community of parents and neighbors are in full support of this petition, indicated by their signatures alongside ours.

We hope that our petition will be heard and considered thoughtfully. Thank you.


Reasons for signing

  • A reputable small business must consider the concerns of the community that it serves, as well as the needs of their employees. Otherwise it is simply chasing dollar signs and mistreatment can only follow. As this is signed by the community with a concern for small business employees, we can only hope the Montessori will do what is right and respect the concerns of the community it serves, as well as treat their employees like humans.
  • The Texas disaster was not a “break” for some. I still have no water and food is difficult to obtain. Educators like us deserve a spring break. Unlike public schools we do not receive a summer break.
  • A federal disaster is not a spring break.


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