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To: Doug Parker, CEO American Airlines

Employees First

Employees First

Change employee travel so that employees get a seat before non employees. Employees should have a higher priority over registered guest and dependants when using our travel benefits. Our travel benefits are hard enough for employees to use with just the increase of seats being purchased. That with the pool of employees, their spouses, dependants, and Registered Guest, makes it even more difficult for employees to actually get a seat, so much so that many employees buy full fare tickets on other airlines. If we adopt the system that AWA and US Airways had prior to the merger where

1. Employee travels at a higher priority, D1/D2

2. Dependants and Registered Guest travel at the next priority, D3/D4

3. Dependants, Registered Guest and or Pass Users traveling with an employee upgrades to
that employee’s priority, D1 or D2

I believe that by changing the priority classes in the travel system will serve as a compromise to the FCFS vs. Seniority debate. If the travel priority is changed as listed above It will not only make it easier for employees to actually utilise the travel benefits but will help to boost morale as well.

Why is this important?

Many employees do not like that fact that our travel system is based on FCFS vs. Seniority. In making the changes stated above it reduces the pool of people competing for a seat and also serves as somewhat of a compromise. As the system stands now it is a discouragement to those employees who are not married and have no dependants. This change will enable these employees a chance to travel with their pass user who may also be a underaged grandchild, for example. Employees work for the benefit and therefore should have preference over non employees to use said benefits.


Reasons for signing

  • My kids/ buddy/ family should not be before all active employees who are actually earning and working for the benefit. They should be on before buddy passes and other airlines unless traveling with active employee.
  • Employee at D1/D2, defendants and registered guest D3, dependants/registered guest with employee D1/D2
  • I want to travel with my family and older daughter.


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