To: Starbucks

Expanded Educational Benefits

Change the Starbucks mandate that Educational Benefits are eligible for students who do not have a 4 year degree and open the program up to all Starbucks Partners who want to further their education, degree or not.

Why is this important?

This is important because there are many Starbucks Partners who have already earned a 4 year degree, been in the workforce for a period of time and no longer see value in what they studied due to changes in life, interests, and career path, especially many older Partners such as myself. In my particular stuation, I have earned a 4 year degree, and after years in the workforce, no longer want to pursue a career path in my field of study. This makes me no different than a twenty something starting out in College. In both cases, we are trying to find a career path, I'm just older and degreed.