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To: Starbucks

Fair pay for the existing employees!

Give the employees that have been with the company for a long time fair pay. Considering all the raises that have happened in the past year for the newly employed. For both baristas and shift supervisors!

Why is this important?

It's important to give the existing employees a fair pay raise considering we have worked really hard to receive our pay raises over the years. It's not fair to start an employee off at $8 something as a barista, change it to $9 last year and then your shift supervisors only making a little bit more! For example having an employee starting 10 years ago and working very hard to get her raises and moving up in management , just to be makin a little more now as a barista! It's not right! We older partners have worked extremely hard over these past few years just to be taken advantage of now for all our hard work and dedication to the company! I think it is fair to give employees that have been with the company for longer time the same benefits in raises as the new employees. Another example would be a barista starting two years ago at starting rate then working hard for thier raise, then statbucks decides that they need to pay more for starting employees and now they make the same amount of money. It's just not fair for the employee that worked so hard for the past year to get her raise just to have a new employee start at the same pay. What happened to her hard work that she did for her to earn her raise? It's important to make the older partners feel appreciated and that their hard work is worth it and has been! I've been with the company for 10 yrs now and I started at 6.75 minimum wage worked hard for every single raise, got promoted to shift supervisor,, continuted to work really hard! Now these new hires come in fresh and make $2 less than me! While I have dedicated 10 years and counting doubling my hourly over these years! I worked very hard for all my raises! I just feel like it's not fair for us older employees, I mean even the one that have been with the company only two years! All their hard work isn't compensated now. They get the same pay as a new hire. I think Starbucks need to think serious about this and how the past year with raising the starting pay has effected the employees that have been with the company for a long period of time!



2016-03-01 19:29:15 -0500

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