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ChecknGo give us essential workers a fair wage!

ChecknGo give us essential workers a fair wage!

Because you are an essential business, pay your essential employees, myself included, an essential workers’ fair wage of at least 1.5 times current wage, instead of the very low wage we are currently making that does not even come close to current CARES act minimum unemployment benefits.
We demand as well 12 weeks paid leave because of school closures to take care of our children.

Why is this important?

We are being told that we are essential to the economy and thus cannot benefit from the CARES act which is only for workers furloughed or laid off. Still, CHECKNGO explicitly denied us any kind of fair compensation that would reflect this essential worker position and, even full time, our wage is way below what CARES unemployment benefits are today. WE WANT TO BE PAID A WAGE HIGHER THAN CARES ACT UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS

How it will be delivered

Petition will be delivered to HR director and CEO Doug Clark If we stop being stonewalled by HR.

Reasons for signing

  • Our lives matter and our kids lives matter we deserve equal rights


2020-04-30 21:51:02 -0400

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