To: DP World Southampton Management

Fairer shift patterns for Grade 2/3’s

The strain that working 5 out of any 7 shifts puts on your social and family life really affects employees emotionally causing stress, poor mental health and causes issues at home with family. Many have to agree to work overtime just so they can choose ONE day off a week to spend with family and see their children. The forever dangling golden carrot that is the prospect of getting moved up into the core onto an almost, life changing shift pattern is cruel and leaves employees constantly wondering if they will ever make it. A trial run of an alternative to the 5 out of any 7 shift pattern I believe would be welcome by almost every grade 2 and 3 currently working within DP World Southampton.

Why is this important?

These members of staff are the future of the company, and management need to remember that grade 2 & 3 employees do have families at home, and social life’s of their own and start treating them with a little more respect. As I write this today I can almost guarantee there isn’t a current grade 2 or 3 that hasn’t been affected at home whether due to arguments with partners, losing contact with friends, or lack of time spent with their kids. We respect massively what the current long serving CORE employees have given to this company. And I believe they are with us when it comes to wanting a fairer, more structured shift pattern for all grade 2’s and 3’s.