To: FedEx Ground

FedEx Employee Acknowledgement and Consideration

I and we as employees of FedEx Ground want to be acknowledged for our efforts everyday and willingness to help the company complete it's tasked goals. We want the company to not extend our hours beyond reasonable means without our consent. Making extended mandatory work days beyond five days a week outside of the companies peak work season is beyond unreasonable and unfair. We want the company to consider other means first, such as extending a voluntary optional shift opportunity before jumping directly to mandatory extensions.

Why is this important?

We as employees are often asked to work extended hours outside our regular part-time time frames. Many of us took these part-time positions to be able to make a living and still have necessary time outside of work. That necessary home time might include caring for our children or other family members, working other jobs, or going to school, etc.. If any one of our shifts are compromised we are All subject to such treatment and unreasonable expectation. I implore you, please consider signing this provision of expected employee standard.