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To: Activision Blizzard

Fire Activision CEO Bobby Kotick for pocketing millions while laying off 800 workers

Upending 800 workers' lives while raking in millions in bonuses for you and your c-suite buddies isn't leadership, it's theft.

We, the workers of Activision and their friends, have had enough. Join us in saying that it's time to #FireBobbyKotick. ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

Why is this important?

The 800 workers who helped with community management, marketing games, running eSports, legal, and so much more are all far more valuable than the CEO.

When making the decision to cut someone from Activision we'd choose to #FireBobbyKotick every time.

Bobby Kotick has been raking in $30 million dollars a year as Activision CEO, that massive income doesn't come from nowhere.

It comes from the labor of his employees. Kotick's wealth is built from the stolen wages of his workers. [1]

Activision, under Kotick's leadership, gave a $15 million dollar bonus to the CFO *just for changing his job title* then they have the gall to turn around and lay off 800 workers just days later? [2]

It's disgusting to hear Kotick boasting about record revenue for the company then announcing an 8% staffing cut in the next breath.

Kotick was especially proud to announce the 9% bump to stockholder values. That 9% comes from our labor. [3]

Please sign this petition in solidarity and send a message to Activision Blizzard's c-suite that we won't let their greed ruin the games we love and uproot the lives of workers anymore!





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*Activision Blizzard's Workers Want to Fire Their CEO*

And they are using our collective voice to mobilize game workers, our players, and anyone who cares about our industry in order to #FireBobbyKotick! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾

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