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To: Uber, Lyft and Via

Gig Workers Demand Safety, Transparency and a Living Wage

When the rideshare industry came to Chicago, driving for Uber or Lyft was a way for Chicagoans to make a good, reliable wage on a flexible schedule. But in the ten years since then, the big rideshare corporations have built a wildly successful business model on keeping fares high while cutting wages for drivers, ignoring their safety needs, and permanently banning them from driver apps with no warning or appeals process.

Chicago drivers have worked hard to build the power we need to fix these problems. In order to provide drivers with a living wage and ensure they are safe on the job, we are demanding the following:

-Address ongoing safety concerns by requiring passenger verification;
-Raise driver pay from $0.61/mile and $0.25/minute to $1.20/mile and $0.30/minute and increase these rates in accordance with the Consumer Pricing Index each year;
-Establish a $5.00 trip minimum, ensuring that every ride is worth our time;
-Cap the rate that rideshare companies can take from each fare at 20% and require companies to provide transparent breakdowns of each fare to passengers and drivers, so both parties are fully aware of who is being paid what;
-Require companies to provide drivers with at least 7 days of advance notice of any suspension and give us the right to appeal.

Why is this important?

Chicago drivers like our work - but for too long, greedy corporations have been driving down pay while charging customers higher fares and skimming more off of the top of the fares we earn.

Every day, we put our lives and our vehicles on the line to provide a service our customers depend upon. We deserve the ability to earn a predictable and consistent income, and to know that the companies we work with are doing everything in their power to keep us safe.




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