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To: Amazon: Jeff Bezos and anyone in a position to help employees!

Hazard pay to ALL warehouse employees!

I would like Amazon warehouses to offer hazard pay of time and a half to all employees working through this Covid19 pandemic!
First we have recieved an email to print out saying that we are essential and how to prove our employment to any peace officers or other authorities so that we can make it to work, so we can acknowledge that just leaving our house is hazardous, but wait! There's more!
Here at SMF1 in California, they have staggered start times to help with crowding and eliminated stand up meetings at the beginning of each shift and that is helping there but once I head to my station....there is no way for me to keep 6ft on the stairs, especially against oncoming traffic.
Then we get to our stations with our nice new signs saying to disinfect commonly touched items and surfaces but not cleaning supplies! I have to find wipes and sanitizer to bring to my station to sanitize the area, but based on how dirty the wipes are, I do not think anyone else takes the time to do anything similar.
Then when it comes to doing my actual job, there are even more harards! I am a picker and robots continuously come up to me all day and I have no idea how many pickers that day have touched that particular robot, or when the last time something was stowed in that pod (a whole other department at my site) then I pick the item into a tote that at least 3 other people have touched that day (since I am night shift I am allowing for a daytime picker, a packer, and a tote runner, but this could tote could have gone through this process a couple times in a 24hr period).
When I walk into work, nothing smells like cleaning agents and not enough are provided.

Why is this important?

I, like most Amazon employees, have a family to come home to and we cannot afford to stay in hotels like some healthcare workers are having the opportunity to do.
I have a fiance, a 6 year old and a 10 month old at home and everyday I go into work I feel like I'm risking their lives to help deliver Amazon products to many families getting paid more than me on unemployment and I feel that is very unfair. Especially since my fiance and 6 year old both have asthma and are at a higher risk, I do not feel that Amazon has our health and saftely at heart, just their bottom line and trying to get back to their 2 day delivery promises to its customers.


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