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To: CEO, CFO, district managers, and store managers

Higher hourly rate for supervisors of high volume stores

Shift supervisors work very hard. We open and close stores; order product daily to ensure that our customers are receiving enjoyable experiences; and are often cheerleaders when the team is tired, stressed, or need a little support. This is, for the most part, universal.

However, for supervisors working at higher volume locations (locations bringing in $40-50,000 per week), the demand is greater and more intense. Each store's success depends on its sales and the fact of the matter is that shift supervisors working at stores that earn $3-4,000 daily are making the same hourly rate as the shifts working at stores like mine that earn $7-8,000 a day.

I'm proposing that shift supervisors working at the highest volume stores in their respective districts be given a higher hourly wage. Free beverages and food during our shifts are luxuries granted to every partner working. However, free food and drink don't make the stress of people calling out sick from constant anxiety attacks or going home in tears any better. The current situation has damaged the job culture that I fell in love with. The supervisors working under such fast-paced and high stress situations need to feel valued. We need to feel compensated for the work that we're putting out in the form of dollars -- not just cents once a year in January.

If store managers earn a quarterly bonus and a pay increase for working at high volume stores, then the supervisors who support them in executing and achieving their goals within the same store, should be paid accordingly as well.

Why is this important?

Like so many of you out there, my store is my home away from home. Having worked at three different locations, I've been able to understand the ins and outs of different stores and the varying demands each store has based on its business and volume.

Before I transferred to my current store, my last store earned on average $2,200-3,000 a day. The store I'm at currently makes anywhere from $7-9000 a day. To say that we should all be held to the same standard is wishful thinking. From a company standards perspective, yes this is true. From a monetary standpoint, absolutely not.

Shift supervisors working at incredibly high volume stores are not currently being paid their worth. Being responsible for a team of 8 or 9 people at any given time, not to mention driving sales, and constantly having to call facilities because everything in the store keeps breaking is a daily occurrence for me and I'm sure for countless others out there.

Free drinks and one free food item are nice, but they don't do anything for those of us who don't drink coffee or for those who bring their lunches to work. Most of the time, I'm lucky if I even get a break because something has broken or a computer has crashed or something has pulled me away from any sort of break I might need to keep my sanity. Feeling like I'm not going to work in vain is why I'm writing this letter. I know I'm not the only one who feels as though they are not appreciated, not paid enough, is overworked, and constantly chasing their tail while getting paid an amount that can barely cover rent.

If our store managers earn a pay increase for managing higher volume stores as well as receiving a QUARTERLY bonus for the success of their store, then shouldn't the supervisors who help them achieve these goals be given bonuses or pay increases as well?



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