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To: Hops Burger Bar Ownership and Management

Hops Burger Bar workers seek COVID-19 protections for the community

After a one-day strike we delivered our list of demands. Two weeks later workers received a temporary COVID-19 plan of action. This win includes paid sick leave through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). This act originally expired in January and was renewed again until March. We are hoping protections will be extended past March. Please continue to support us! It will take community pressure on management at Hops and throughout the city of Greensboro to make sure they follow through on meeting employees’ demands.

We want Hops ownership and managements' to meet ALL the requests for the COVID-19 safety presented last Thursday by the workers. In particular the request for job and wage protection for any workers who contract the virus. We want them to respond quickly because the virus doesn’t wait!

1. Allow enough time for all staff and owners to get tested by closing HOPS until all results are returned. Any rapid testing is to be paid in full by the owners.
2. The owners will pay for a complete and thorough Covid sanitization of the restaurants by an EPA-approved service and provide documentation/invoices to staff upon request.
3. An updated plan of action for Covid cases that is agreed upon by the majority of the staff.
4. Transparency on all levels with all employees, especially concerning Covid exposure. All potential outbreaks of employees and management will be communicated to all staff ASAP.
5. Paid sick leave and/or supplemental assistance for employees forced out of work due to Covid. Open a discussion for hazard-pay for all staff.
6. A return to curbside only service or offering sufficient incentives such as discounts to curbside pickup orders. Additionally, we agree to increase prices for dine-in patrons.
7. Strict restrictions on temperature checks for ANY person entering the building. (99.3° cutoff)
8. Strict enforcement for wearing a mask at all times for staff, management, owners, and non-seated patrons.
9. Limit the number of customers in the restaurant. Provide a counter (physical or on the iPad) for the host and MOD to keep track of the number of patrons in the restaurant.
10. Reduce contact of shared surfaces by using a digital menu that is easily viewed on cellphones. Implement and enforce a system to disinfect pens and payment boards between uses.

Why is this important?

Hops Burger Bar has already had COVID-19 cases at multiple of their locations and have failed to properly notify their workers, or respond in a timely way! Management delays means the virus has time to spread.


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