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To: HSS Inc.

HSS Inc. Must Provide Sick Pay for All Employees

HSS Inc. Must Provide Sick Pay for All Employees

Provide paid sick leave or catastrophic leave pay to all employees regardless of full time status or duration of employment with the company.

Why is this important?

HSS security officers are working at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. As essential personnel working in hospital and airport settings, we run a higher risk of contracting the virus compared to the general public. Infection is not a maybe, it is an inevitability for a percentage of our officers.
HSS Inc. says they will pay 2/3 of wages for lost time should any employee contract and PROVE they contracted COVID-19 while on the job, an admittedly difficult task. Alternatively, full-time employees of over a year have access to Paid Catastrophic Leave should they fall ill with the virus. This means part-time employees as well as full-time employees with less than a consecutive year working with HSS will only receive UNPAID medical leave for a COVID-19 infection which they cannot definitively prove was contracted at work.
This is not enough.
HSS quotes, "security services are critical to the health and wellbeing of both patients and first responders." Our officers need to know they will be compensated for time spent in quarantine regardless of where or how we contract the virus and without stipulations about full-time status or length of time served with HSS. Protecting our clients and our teams from exposure to COVID-19 by quarantining infected individuals is a vital public service⁠—HSS Inc. has an obligation to remove any obstacle that would prevent us from doing so. In order to guarantee that HSS officers do the right thing and self-quarantine when they suspect they have the virus, HSS Inc. must provide sick pay for all the hardworking people who make up this company for the duration of their quarantine. Refusing to do so is an unconscionable disregard for the safety of these employees and the clients they serve.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be emailed to HSS Inc. CEO, Kirsten Benefiel; CFO, John Butler; VP of Legal and Risk Management, Berenice Nuss Esq.; and VP of Talent and Culture, Carol Cooley

Reasons for signing

  • My son works hard for this company!
  • To support my friend


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