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To: CVS pharmacy

Join other retailers and do more for your employees and more for social distancing

Scale back open locations, you don't need 3 stores open within 3 miles of each other. Reduce operating hours to coincide with pharmacy hours. Promote shopping through drive through, curb side delivery or home delivery. Any of these options are viable or a combination of them.
Protect your employees and supply them with high quality masks and gloves. Give employees more of a choice and/or reason to put themselves in harm's way instead of being forced to come to work for a paycheck. Pay those who are at home a basic stipend to get by. Give hazard pay to those that choose to continue to work.
Be the innovative caring company and uphold and stand by the core values that define the company.

Why is this important?

Retail pharmacy employees may not be out on the emergency front lines risking health with every patient that enters, such as hospitals and other first responders but as a health care provider pharmacies will remain open and still putting themselves at risks. As everything else is closing around us people will flock to CVS to stock up on necessities, pick up their medications or even just as an excuse to leave the house. As a leading health care provider CVS should be setting the standard for what pharmacies should be doing and how they should be approaching the social distancing aspect while still providing excellent care to both it's customers and employees.


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